Trade Waste & Resource Consents

Trade Waste & Resource Consents


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Trade Waste & Resource Consents

Many of New Zealand’s manufacturing, industrial, and processing organisations are required to monitor the impact that they are having on the broader environment. Those operating within city or town boundaries may be discharging liquid waste into Trade Waste systems that are managed by their local council. Others may be operating under a Resource Consent issued by their local Regional Council.

Analytica’s testing is a fast and cost effective option for meeting consent obligations.  With the helpful support available from logistical and technical staff, it provides a breath of fresh air for those needing to carry out testing for these compliance reasons.

A Broad Testing Scope, Accredited By IANZ

Our testing covers a range of areas, and is built on innovative methods and a large investment in modern equipment.  With methods validated for use in soil and water samples.

If needed, asbestos testing can be carried out at one of our dedicated  asbestos laboratories located in Christchurch.

Affordable Pricing

Analytica takes pride in implementing fast and efficient testing methods, which allow us to offer market leading prices to our customers.  We will provide a quote for testing based on your Trade Waste or Resource Consent requirements, which is inclusive of the containers you need to collect and send samples.

Our affordable pricing will see you receive the information you need, at a cost which is better than you may have seen before.

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