Contaminated Land

Contaminated Land

Things that have been done in the past can have unexpected effects on how natural resources like land and water can be used in the future. Analytica’s testing services are used by environmental consultants, engineers, and technical advisers to assess soil and water for possible contamination, and confirm the success of remediation.

A Broad Testing Scope, Accredited By IANZ

Our testing covers a range of areas, and is built on innovative methods and a large investment in modern equipment.  With methods validated for use in soil and water samples.

Asbestos testing is carried out at our dedicated Analytica asbestos laboratories located in four locations: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin. 

Affordable Pricing Using An Innovative Pricing Tool (ACE - Analytica Cost Estimate)

When preparing for a job, it can take a number of iterations to finalise the testing plan which will deliver the right outcomes at the best price.  Analytica’s innovative pricing tool puts the power of pricing in the hands of the customer, making it fast and easy to check alternative scenarios and reach the best conclusion.

Our affordable pricing will see you receive the information you need, at a cost which is better than you may have seen before.

A New Approach To Sampling Containers That Saves Time & Space

Analytica’s testing methods take advantage of the best in modern testing equipment and techniques.  This makes it possible to carry out testing using smaller quantities of sample, meaning that there is a smaller amount or weight of sample needed to provide a reliable result.

Taking a design approach to sample containers and shipping containers means that samples can be securely packed for shipping, quickly, saving valuable time in the field.  With the smaller sized samples, shipping containers tend to be smaller and lighter which makes life easier and safer for staff in the field.

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