Our Dairy Testing Partners

Our Dairy Testing Partners

Partnership with others has always been central to Analytica’s growth and development. We have 3 important partners who we work with to deliver valuable services to those producing milk and dairy products.

Our combined capabilities allow us to provide full solutions to dairy testing requirements that are not available elsewhere.


Analytica and MilkTest NZ have been partners in providing a holistic liquid milk quality and composition service to the NZ dairy industry since 2014.  MilkTest NZ are a world renowned provider of milk quality and composition testing used by all NZ dairy companies for supplier payment and milk quality monitoring purposes.



Analytica is a shareholder in and works closely with CAIQTEST (Pacific) to provide a unique dairy product testing service that is based in Hamilton (NZ), and is ISO 17025 accredited by China (CNAS) and New Zealand (IANZ) for a broad scope of manufactured dairy product testing.  Using accredited GB methods, the laboratory provides those exporting milk and dairy products to China with confidence about test results using Chinese official testing methods.



This laboratory is a partnership between MilkTestNZ and Analytica, which provides manufactured dairy product testing to Oceania’s dairy manufacturers. Food Lab Pacific is ISO17025 accredited by New Zealand (IANZ) under the Chemical and Biological Testing Laboratory Accreditation Programmes. FLP is also accredited under the MPI Recognised Laboratory Programme. Food Lab Pacific provides New Zealand dairy and food manufacturers with a high service, innovative, and cost attractive testing option that supports and helps grow their businesses.


Contact: info@foodlab.co.nz

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