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Analytica offers specialised testing of milk and dairy products for functional components, residues, and contaminants. Our senior technical staff regularly support R&D projects in milk and dairy products, allowing us to provide solutions that are not available from other providers.

Analytica is a world-leading provider of beta-casein testing in milk and dairy products, for those interested in producing A1 beta-casein free dairy products.

We offer a range of other specialized protein tests, focused on functional and high value proteins. Our R&D capability enables us to develop novel tests, and then scale these to allow for fast and cost-effective testing if required by customers.

Much of our dairy testing is carried out in partnership with MilktestNZ – the leading provider of liquid milk component and quality testing to the NZ dairy industry.  Together we provide testing solutions to farmers and dairy companies that support the production of high quality and safe milk.

We have a shareholding in 2 companies providing in-process and finished dairy product testing:

  • CAIQTEST (Pacific) uses GB methods for pre-shipment certification of dairy products being exported to China, from its Hamilton (NZ) location.  With Chinese government (CNAS) accreditation for a broad range of dairy tests, this lab is uniquely positioned to assist Australasian companies exporting to China.

  • Food Lab Pacific is a dairy testing laboratory owned by Analytica and MilktestNZ that will provide a new and innovative testing option to NZ dairy manufacturers. 

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