Waterway Quality

Waterway Quality

We offer testing that can help you understand the water quality of your streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, and more.


Check your E. coli is a bacteria that can cause health harm. When present in your water, this can indicate that faecal matter is entering the stream or river. High levels can be dangerous to humans and make us sick, if swimming in, or drinking water with high levels of E. coli.

Nitrogen Load

Cumulative effects of excess nitrogen reduce freshwater quality. We offer tests to check levels of nitrate, nitrite, dissolved inorganic nitrogen, ammonia, TKN, and total nitrogen (and more!). DIN is made up of three types of nitrogen: nitrate, nitrite and ammonia. Elevated DIN can lead to increased algal and plant growth in your waterway. Elevated levels of nitrate and ammonia can also be toxic to aquatic life.


Concerned about excess phosphorus, erosion, flooding, eutrophication, or noticed increased algal blooms? We offer tests for both total phosphorus and DRP. DRP can also lead to increased algal and plant growth when found in streams or rivers at elevated levels.


Turbidity is a measure of sediment suspended in the stream; high turbidity means cloudy, opaque water (low clarity).

Biological Oxygen Demand

Monitoring BOD levels is important for maintaining aquatic life. High BOD levels can arise from organic pollution from plants, animals, and pollution from wastewater treatment plants, feedlots, failing septic systems, and more. We offer BOD tests with a 6-day TAT from receipt to help you monitor your water.

Organic Suites

Concerned over pollution in your water? We offer one of the most extensive suites of organic testing in water including PFAS, ONOPs, OCPs, TPH, PAH, Acid Herbacides, Oil and Grease and more.

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