Pollen Count

Pollen Count

Our pollen count test provides a count of the number of pollen grains per 10 grams of honey, and identifies the pollen grains that are most common in the honey sample.

The test is often used to identify the flowers that bees have been visiting when collecting nectar, and is often requested for honey that does not meet the MPI definition of being a mono-floral or multi-floral mānuka.  Pollen count results can be needed for honey that is being exported to some overseas countries.

Interpreting the results of pollen counts is not simple, as some pollens can be over-represented or under-represented in honey (compared with the source of the nectar in the honey) depending on the characteristics of the particular flowers or plants involved.  To learn more about this, please read our tech note which explains how to understand your pollen count results.


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