NMR Honey Profiling

NMR Honey Profiling

Strengthen your brand’s image and ensure your product’s quality with NMR-based Honey-Profiling.

Analytica has teamed up with the team at Callaghan Innovation to offer NMR Honey Profiling analysis to Analytica clients!

In response to the constantly evolving methods for adulterating honey, more and more beekeepers and honey producers are adopting NMR-based Honey Profiling as a method for proving to their buyers that their honey is 100% raw, unadulterated honey. 

Honey-Profiling Includes:

  • Detection of exogeneous sugars
  • Verification of country of origin
  • Verification of botanical variety
  • Analysis of composition and freshness
  • Detection of atypical samples
  • EU regulation and Codex Alimentarius compliance check for HMF, Sucrose and Glucose and Fructose

Check out the Honey Profiling Brochure here.

Check out an example Honey Profiling report on a typical New Zealand Manuka Honey here.


Analytica have a fast turnaround time and competitive price. We are able to carry out a number of tests on your honey, which means you can send in one sample and let us take care of the rest. 

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