Asbestos Identification in Bulk Samples

Analytica can analyse an array of building and related materials (including surface wipes and dust samples) giving a present or absent result of asbestos for each sample. 

Sample Collection (bulk material) 

We do not advise anyone who is inexperienced with sampling asbestos containing materials to collect samples.  Asbestos is hazardous and requires a lot of care when being handled. 

However, we are aware that there is occasionally interest in owners or occupiers of buildings to submit a sample of a building material to check whether it contains asbestos without involving a professional sampler.  We have prepared this page, and a related Technical Note, to assist with this.   


​Never attempt to sample lagging or insulation. This material is unstable and therefore represents a high risk of contaminating the area around it as well as to the sampler. It must be handled by a trained professional.  


Once again, our advice is always to involve a suitably experienced person in sample collection to manage risk when handling asbestos containing materials. 

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