List of Regulations

List of Regulations

Analytica Laboratories is approved by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to receive overseas samples as a Transitional Facility under the Biosecurity Act 1993. The following procedure should be used when sending samples to Analytica to minimise any risk of samples being delayed at the NZ border or prevented from entering NZ.


Biosecurity is very important to the NZ economy. Analytica is committed to playing its part in protecting the
NZ economy by adhering to MPI requirements, and supporting its customers to do so as well.

It is recommended that you retain tracking details for your consignment in case of delays. A confirmation email will be sent to you when the samples are receipted at Analytica.

Please note, Analytica Laboratories are charged an import clearance fee by MPI. This fee will be applied to your invoice at the completion of testing.

For customer support, please contact our friendly Customer Service team or call +64 7 974 4740

Directions for Sending Samples via Courier/Postal Service:

  • Ensure that all samples are in well-sealed containers with a unique sample ID written clearly on the outside of each container.
  • Double-bag samples (contain samples in one plastic bag and then again in a second plastic bag.) This will prevent leakage if the samples are broken or damaged in transit.
  • Complete an Analysis Request Form (ARF) and place this inside the bag or box being used to ship the samples. Current ARFs can be found on our website:
  • Close and seal the bag or box being used to ship the samples.
  • Clearly identify on the consignment the
    details of the sender e.g. Company/Key Contact, Contact Phone and/or Email.
  • Print a copy of the relevant Import Permit and attach this to the OUTSIDE of your consignment. This document is essential for clearance at the NZ border. Current import permits can be found on our website
  • Print and complete the relevant clearance document (‘DETAILS OF SAMPLES BEING SHIPPED’) specifying the details listed below, then attach to the OUTSIDE of your consignment.

Current clearance documents can be found on our website: 

  • Sample Type e.g. Honey, Surface Swabs, Milk Powder, Soil, Water, etc.
  • Number of Samples – the number of samples being sent to the laboratory
  • Value ($NZD) – We suggest allocating a value of $1-3 per sample sent to the laboratory.


Consignments sent with a $0 value will be held by NZ Customs until a dollar value is declared.

Consignments with a value over NZD$ 200 may be held and charged duties/taxes.

Send consignment to:
Site E – Analytica Laboratories
Ruakura Research Centre
10 Bisley Road
Hamilton 3214
New Zealand

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