Pollen Count

Our pollen count test provides a count of the number of pollen grains per 10 grams of honey, and identifies the pollen grains that are most common in the honey sample. The test is often used to identify the flowers that bees have been visiting when collecting nectar, and is often requested for honey that does not meet the MPI definition of being a mono-floral or multi-floral manuka.  Pollen count results can be needed for honey that is being exported to some overseas countries.

Interpreting the results of pollen counts is not simple, as some pollens can be over-represented or under-represented in honey (compared with the source of the nectar in the honey) depending on the characteristics of the particular flowers or plants involved.  There have been some interesting articles on this in the NZ Beekeeper Journal in recent years, you can access these using the following links:

Understanding the Value of Pollen Counting Kate Robertson (Analytica Market Development Specialist, New Zealand Beekeeper April 2019

What's the use of Pollen? Dr Linda Newstrom-Lloyd (Trees for Bees Botanist), New Zealand BeeKeeper May 2017

How to Decipher a Pollen Profile, Dr Linda Newstrom-Lloyd (Trees for Bees Botanist), Dr Ian Raine (GNS Science Palynologist), Dr Xun Li (GNS Science Palynolygist), New Zealand BeeKeeper October 2017

Pondering over and under Pollen Representation in Nectar, Dr Linda Newstrom-Lloyd (Trees for Bees Botanist), Dr Ian Raine (GNS Science Palynologist), Dr Xun Li (GNS Science Palynolygist), New Zealand BeeKeeper Nov 2017


Pricing and Turnaround Time

Please contact Analytica for current pricing and TATs on 07 974 4740 or at sales@analytica.co.nz 

Why Use Analytica?

Analytica offer the full range of honey tests which honey producers, processors, and marketers need.  With a fast turnaround time, a competitive price, and service that our customers rave about.  Because we are able to carry out a number of tests on your honey, you can send in one sample and let us take care of the rest. 

How to take and submit a sample

How to take and submit a sample

To have your honey tested, just send us about 50gm of honey per sample (in a plastic pottle with a screw lid.)

Download and complete our Analysis Request Form either in PDF format or as a Word document, and send it along with your samples to:

Analytica Laboratories Ltd
Ruakura Research Centre
10 Bisley Road,
Hamilton 3214 
New Zealand

Get Analysis Request Forms

Don’t forget to label each sample container with a unique name or code, matching the Sample Identification that you write on the Analysis Request Form. We will invoice you when we report your results. 

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