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Analytica is happy to make some special testing offers available to members of Apiculture New Zealand (ApiNZ). These special offers are based on member feedback about testing information that is important to them. 

We have many more fast and affordable tests available. If you need something that is not included in service offerings listed below, or want to discuss how to best manage your testing spend, contact us for information about our wider range of tests and services.

To access this special offer:

  • Use this ApiNZ Member sample submission form.
  • Make sure your name and member number is clearly provided on the form, along with the details of the samples you are sending and the tests you are wanting.
  • Send the samples to us at:

Analytica Laboratories 
Courier Site A – Kirton Wing
Ruakura Research Centre
10 Bisley Road
Hamilton  3214
New Zealand

Tutin testing - $49.00 + GST per sample

  • Designed for beekeepers with small numbers of samples that need tutin testing. 
  • Gives you confidence that your sample does not have tutin residues above MPI’s regulatory threshold of 0.7 mg/kg, and that your honey is safe to eat, give away, or sell.
  • Samples may be tested and reported as a composite (on an anonymous basis) or individually.  Samples in any failed composites will be re-tested individually as a part of the price.
  • For those with multiple samples for testing, contact us to discuss whether this or our other tutin testing options are best for your needs. 

Pollen analysis - $80.00 + GST per sample

  • Reports a count of total pollen grains, and identifies the 5 most abundant pollens, in a sample.
  • Provides information about the plants that bees have been foraging from during the honey production period. With careful interpretation, this can help identify the floral origin of honey if other floral tests are not available. 

Mānuka honey testing – 20% discount on some of our most popular tests & packs

  • The Mānuka 3-in-1 test: $32.00 + GST – includes DHA, MG, NPA, HMF; and a 3-in-1 forecast. 
  • The Mānuka Pack: $140.60 + GST – includes the Mānuka 3-in-1 test, a 3-in-1 forecast, the MPI Mānuka 5 Attribute tests, and the MPI mānuka classification based on test results.
  • The Extraction Pack: $186.20 + GST – includes the Mānuka Pack and a C4 Sugar Screen test.

 Moisture testing – $20.00 + GST per sample

  • Moisture content is an important factor affecting the risk of fermentation in honey.  Honey with moisture content above 17% is at some risk of fermenting, and risk increases as moisture content increases.
  • A useful check for those with their own moisture meters, to confirm the consistency of results. 

Why Use Analytica?

Analytica have a fast turnaround time and competitive price. We are able to carry out a number of tests on your honey, which means you can send in one sample and let us take care of the rest. 

How to take and submit a sample

How to take and submit a sample

To have your honey tested, send approximately 50g of honey in a plastic pottle with a screw lid.  A representative sample* is required. 

Download and complete our Analysis Request Form either in PDF format or as a Word document, and send it along with your samples to:

Analytica Laboratories Ltd
Ruakura Research Centre
10 Bisley Road,
Hamilton 3214 
New Zealand

Get Analysis Request Forms

Don't forget to label each sample container with a unique name or code, matching the Sample Identification that you write on the Analysis Request Form. We will invoice you when we report your results.

Please email the Sample Reception team at sample.receipt@analytica.co.nz if you are sending more than 40 samples to make the most of our testing prices and turnaround times.

To send samples from overseas, please see our instructions and import permits.

*For some ideas on collecting a representative honey sample, have a look at this article published in 'The New Zealand BeeKeeper'.

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