Nectar Testing

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), the precursor to methylglyoxal (MG) in honey, is produced in the nectar of manuka flowers. The concentration of DHA in nectar varies between trees. 

Analytica’s nectar test measures DHA and the main sugars (fructose and glucose) in nectar samples. Customers receive a report with concentrations of DHA and sugar in their sample. DHA results are also converted to mg/800g of sugar to rank the DHA concentrations found in different samples, at a sugar level that roughly matches that found in honey.  However, while the results can be used for ranking samples, for a range of reasons the actual concentration of DHA in honey from an area may not be the same as that found in the nectar from the same area. 


This test is for the nectar of manuka plants. There are a variety of different methods for sampling nectar to suit the customer’s needs; nectar can be taken directly from the flower or flowers can be soaked in water to extract the nectar. Detailed information can be found here.

Analytica can send out a sampling kit depending on the method chosen for nectar collection.  The cost of a basic sampling kit is included in the price of the test.


Nectar samples are diluted and derivatised before being analysed for DHA and sugar by Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) with UV detection. 


This method is not currently an IANZ accredited test.  However it is based on the IANZ accredited Manuka 3-in-1 test, and has been developed and validated using Analytica’s normal criteria as an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

Pricing and Turnaround Time

Please contact Analytica for current pricing and TATs on 07 974 4740 or at 


How to take and submit a sample

How to take and submit a sample

Click here for detailed information on nectar sampling.

Nectar samples should be sent on ice to prevent the samples from deteriorating.

Download and complete our Analysis Request Form either in PDF format or as a Word document, and send it along with your samples to:

Analytica Laboratories Ltd
Ruakura Research Centre
10 Bisley Road,
Hamilton 3214 
New Zealand

Get Analysis Request Forms

Don’t forget to label each sample container with a unique name or code, matching the Sample Identification that you write on the Analysis Request Form. We will invoice you when we report your results. 

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