One-Off Projects & New Test Method Development

We can apply our innovation, expertise, and equipment to meet your testing needs for projects, or to develop new tests in support of your changing business requirements.

From time to time our clients find that they are faced with an unusual problem, which is not easily serviced from existing tests available from Analytica, or other testing laboratories in New Zealand.  Our team of skilled and experienced staff are well positioned to come up with testing solutions to solve these one-off problems, and enjoy the challenge of doing so.

If it's not something we can help with, we will certainly be happy to suggest some options of who might.

New Test Method Development

If a new test is needed, there can be a significant amount of work involved in researching the best way of doing it, and getting it set up in the laboratory. Analytica is set up as a high throughput testing laboratory, and is best positioned to develop new tests for projects involving larger batches of samples (either as a one-off project or for an ongoing requirement).

If there are only a few samples to be tested, it is usually very difficult to find a solution which will be cost effective for a customer.  In these situations we can provide names of consulting laboratories that have the potential to assist with this kind of work.


Once developed, tests can be submitted for accreditation by IANZ under the international ISO 17025 standard.  If new tests are to be used in an ongoing way, and accreditation is an important feature of the testing for the customer, then arrangements can be made to submit the testing methods for accreditation.  Usually this requires 6-12 months of lead time, and will incur cost in both preparation at the laboratory as well as audit fees.
Analytica is happy to discuss accreditation requirements with clients.


Due to the very specific nature of new tests and one-off projects, a case-by-case approach to quoting for this work is taken.

Great Customer Support

Your testing is backed by a team who are available and willing to help.  From quotations, logistics and receipt of samples, to technical support around results, we take pride in knowing that our team provide you with great back up whenever you need it.

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