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Quality Standards & Accreditations

Our Accreditations and Approvals

Our accreditation means that we have been independently assessed by New Zealand’s premier accreditation body in five key areas:

  • We have competent and experienced staff
  • Our systems allow integrity and traceability of equipment and materials
  • Testing methods have been technically validated by independent experts
  • We provide test results that are valid, and fit for purpose
  • Overall our laboratory uses appropriate management systems, and is able to provide testing services professionally, reliably, and efficiently

ISO 17025 / GLP

Analytica is accredited to the international ISO 17025 standard and the OECD Principles of Good Practice by IANZ, New Zealand’s premier accreditation body. To view our current IANZ accreditations, visit the IANZ website and search 'Analytica' in the keyword search function. This will show you all our current and up-to-date IANZ accreditation documents.

Ministry for Primary Industries Recognised Laboratory

To view our current MPI registration as a recognised laboratory, visit the MPI Food Safety website and search 'Analytica' in the Company Name field of the search function. This will show you our current registration as an Approved Recognised Agency – Recognised Laboratory Programme.

Ministry for Primary Industries Transitional Facility

Analytica is a Ministry for Primary Industries Transitional Facility, allowing importation of a range of samples for analytical testing from overseas.

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