Zespri Crop Protection Standard (CPS) – Residue Screening

Residue Screening In Support Of The Zespri CPS


ALS-Analytica is supporting companies that want to apply to Zespri for their product/s to be approved for use on kiwifruit orchards under the Zespri Crop Protection Standard (CPS).  A new residue screening service has been developed in conjunction with Zespri, with the results of testing being required as part of the Zespri CPS product approval process in 2024.

A sample of the product is supplied to ALS-Analytica, and is tested for a range of compounds that are of interest to Zespri for quality reasons.  A report of the results is given to the submitter to be used as part of the application for product approval.

More detail about the service is available in the Testing Service Summary

You can direct your queries to the individuals listed below:


For result interpretation, and any questions about the CPS approval process

Morgan Shea
+64 27 203 9667


ALS-Analytica Laboratories

For the sample submission process, and technical queries about testing or test results

Steve Howse
+64 27 248 1712


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Sample Submission

Samples should be sent to ALS-Analytica with a completed Sample Submission Form (PDF). Kindly refer to the documents mentioned above. Along with submitter details, the submission form asks for the product and manufacturer name for each sample (to be printed on the test report), its batch number and/or date of manufacture, and the rate/100 L which it is recommended to be used at.

Send samples by courier to:
ALS-Analytica Laboratories
Sample Reception
Ruakura Research Centre
10 Bisley Road
Hamilton, New Zealand


The testing service is available over the period 1 December 2023 to 30 April 2024.  Samples will be tested in batches, with results e-mailed on a PDF test certificate within 15 working days of samples arriving.  Any samples received after 12 April 2024 will be at risk of not being completed before Zespri’s application cutoff of 1 May 2024.

Reports will be sent to the party who has paid for the testing, and ALS-Analytica will not provide results directly to Zespri without their prior written permission.

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