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Careers @ Analytica

Analytica’s success depends on having a great team of staff – who love working in our company, fit well with our team and company values, and who have the right knowledge and skills (or the ability to learn).

We have a range of positions in the company, from technical staff working in the laboratory and setting up new testing methods, to staff who support our customers, and others who support our business.  Most vacancies occur in our Laboratory Technician roles – some of which are full time and some may be part time or seasonal.

Your ability to work long term in New Zealand is very important.  Your ability to fit with our team is just as important – we have included here the values and behaviours which we expect, and you should only consider applying to work for us if you feel confident you demonstrate these things:

Why work with us

Analytica Environment

Your ability to work long term in New Zealand is as important as your ability to fit in with our team. You should only consider applying to work with us if you feel confident that you demonstrate our VALUES:

  • Trustworthy - Trust is the foundation of Analytica. By working together, we build trust with our customers and peers.
  • Engaged - We celebrate success, big or small, learn from our mistakes and proactively look to grow. We are proud to work for Analytica.
  • Improving - We’re constantly looking for ways to do better, with a can-do attitude, innovative thinking, and teamwork. Better as a person, better as a team, better as a company.
  • Learning - “Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro, nōna te ngahere. Ko te manu e kai ana i te mātauranga, nōna te Ao”. The bird who feeds on miro has the forest, The bird who feeds on knowledge has the world. We are eager to learn from our colleagues and customers, while sharing and applying our knowledge.
  • Manaakitanga - We are supportive, show Aroha, work harmoniously, trust each other and have great communication.
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