COVID-19 & Other Testing Updates

COVID-19 Update

Wednesday 25 March, 2020


Analytica is continuing to provide essential testing

We are providing routine testing services to the following market sectors during the Level 4 COVID-19 lockdown period:  Dairy, Honey, Water & Waste Water.

Asbestos testing is available from our regional laboratories on an on-call basis for essential work.

Methamphetamine testing is available on an on-call basis for essential work.

Turn around times for routine sevices are as normal, including the availability of urgent testing by prior arrangement.  The exception is Water & Waste Water where extended turn around times are likely depending on sample volumes.  Asbestos and Methamphetamine testing will be by prior arrangement.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any specific enquiries about services over this time.

Our sites are now closed to visitors and non-urgent contractors.

From Thursday 26 March, 2020 we will be moving to a split shift operation for our Monday to Friday work, to reduce person to person contact in line with Ministry of Health requirements.  One shift will commence early in the morning, and a second shift will continue to mid-evening.  This means that some reports may be issued outside normal working hours.

Sample Delivery

Couriers will continue to deliver samples and packages to Analytica, according to the schedule they adopt for this next period.

We don't encourage personal delivery of samples, but this may be possible by prior arrangement by calling Food Sample Reception (07 974 4740 – Option 1) or Environmental Sample Reception (07 974 4740 – Option 2) or for asbestos samples by contacting Chris Wakefield on 021 345 115.

There is a drop box for small to medium sized packages at the Hamilton laboratory – please contact the Food Sample Reception team for more details.

Sample Containers

We are able to continue to supply sample containers and sampling equipment.  Please contact our Dispatch team on 07 444 5576 or at to place an order.  It is possible to arrange for the order to be sent by courier, or left at a location where it can be collected in person.



Testing is running within normal turn around time expectations, unless specifically detailed below.

There is a limited daily capacity for urgent testing to be carried out in the event that fast results are needed for a specific reason.  Please contact us in advance if you wish to ask about this.

Honey Testing

Most tests are being reported within normal turn around time expectations. The exceptions to this are as follows:

  • C4 Sugar testing – results are likely to take 15-20 working days from sample receipt.
  • Moisture, colour, and conductivity testing – results are likely to take 10 working days from sample receipt.
  • Pollen analysis (by microscope) – results are likely to take 10-15 working days from sample receipt.

Asbestos testing

Testing is available on an on-call basis for essential work.  Our regional laboratories will be closed as a matter of course, and staff will be available to open the laboratory and receive essential samples by arrangement.  Please contact Chris Wakefield on 021 345 115 to discuss any testing requirement you may have.

Water & Waste Water Testing

Tests are expected to reported with extended turn around times, depending on sample volumes.

Other Environmental Testing

Samples submitted for analysis of heavy metals, organic contaminants, and inorganic contaminants will be received and stabilised.  Testing will take place once the current Level 4 COVID-19 lockdown has come to an end.

Methamphetamine Testing

Testing is available for sampling deemed essential under the government definition by samplers, by prior arrangement.  It is likely that testing will occur infrequently, and may involve delays not normally experienced as a result.  Please contact Food & Drug Sample Reception (, Steve Howse (027 248 1712) or Kate Robertson (021 535 324) to discuss any requirements well in advance.

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